This is a Story About Breaking a Curse.

Heya! I'm Paisley (they/them, please :]) and this is my page, dedicated to cataloging the cosmetic items avaliable on PTCGL and PTCGO for your convenience. The site's under construction right now, so be sure to check back soon, m'kay?

Why Bother?

This is sort of a pet project for me to personally keep track of the little virtual coins I'm strangely autistic about, but because PTCGL lacks a 'show not owned feature', and because the cosmetics obtained from irl pack codes don't always line up with the cosmetics within the pack itself, knowing what you're getting from each pack can theoretically prevent you from wasting money if you want to start collecting these worthless do-dads. That's what I tell my kids anyway, when they ask what I'm spending their college fund on.

I'll come up with a better excuse later, really I just like cataloging things.

thank you for staying around, even though this page has no content yet. as a reward for your dedication to the Paisley Parkā„¢ brand please accept this cool gif of a sandwich i found on the internet. i hope it brings you good fortune and a grin from big pink ear to freakin ear: